hyper weapons battling

Cold weapons are very important in Tricking:

▪️ Bo staff (hyper weapons double bo staff)

▪️ Sword (hyper weapons double swords)

▪️ Kamma (hyper weapons double kammas)

▪️ chux (hyper Weapons chux)

The style of swinging weapons in Tricking is quite different from other ancient martial arts. In Tricking, throwing the weapon has a great point and is important, while throwing weapon is forbidden in other martial art styles.

There are 4 weapons in Tricking.

Each weapon that the first tricker (actually the starter of the battle which is determined via tossing coins) choses, the other tricker (the opponent) has to choose the weapon that the first one has chosen. In each round, weapon choosing is by the starter of the battle who has won the coin toss, BUT in the draw round (the additional round that is added because judges voted draw after the main 3 rounds) the one starts and choses the weapon that didn’t start the last 3 rounds. This patter continues in all other draw rounds that are added.

Weapon judgment and chart is just like Extreme Freestyle battling judgment.

Trickers younger than the age 20 have to use wooden swords, but the ones older than 20 have to use metallic swords.

Weapons battling (Hyper weapons) rules:
In each combo wave (each tricker’s round) ,each tricker has 30 seconds to perform his/her combo. Once 30 seconds passes,judges will not accept any movements anymore,and the disciplinary committee can show the complaint sign/board so that the tricker end his combo.
Each round includes 2 combo waves (each tricker has a combo wave in a round). So each round lasts 1 minute.
The metallic swords should weigh less than a kilogram(both swords together). The wooden swords should weigh less than 75 grams.
Double bo staffs should weigh less than a kilogram together.
Chux’s chain should include 3 single standard links.
Double Kammas should weigh less than a kilogram and should be metal-make.

Judging in Hyper Weapons Battling:

Judge#1: Kicks (votes for the one who has showed off better kicks)

Judge#2: Acrobats (votes for the one who has showed off better acrobats)

Judge#3: Combination of tricks with the weapon (votes for the one who has combined acrobats and kicks accurately with the weapon)

Judge#4: Throwing weapons (votes for the one who throws and takes the weapon greater)

Judge#5: Crashes and landings (includes losing the control of weapon like when weapon falls down out of the tricker’s hands, and accurate landing)

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