The rules of the tournament

Tricking competitions are held in 2 styles which both are battles:

▪️ Freestyle battling

▪️ Hyper weapons battling
Generally, there are five main judges and a referee.

International tournaments:

Only the professional level can attend international
tournaments,simpler,only trickers with black belts can attend international tournaments.

In 4 age categories;

▪️ -10 years old (kids)

▪️ -15 years old (youngsters)

▪️ -20 years old (teenagers)

▪️ +20 years old (adults)

12 medals are distributed in Extreme Freestyle battling style for men(also 12 medals for women) and 12 medals are distributed in Hyper Weapons battling style for men (also 12 medals for women). In sum, there are 24 medals given to men (and 24 medals are given to women).

Each country can introduce 1 tricker for each age category and each style for international tournaments. Generally, each national team includes 8 male and 8 female trickers that attend international battles(in sum,there are 16 trickers in each national team).

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