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Dear visitors of the website,you are visiting the official website of Extreme Tricking Martial Arts International Federation. There’s been a new age starting in Martial Arts indeed,a new generation of Martial Arts is appearing. This doesn’t mean that the Classic Martial Arts’ period has ended,it actually means that a new generation of athletes interested in non-combat martial arts is appearing,who have a different aspect about martial arts and prefer the other obverse of martial arts. Blending a high level of physical readiness,speed,intelligence,and creativity in inventing exciting and new movements is one of the unique features of Tricking. Not to forget that Tricking was created by combination of some special elements in a special period of the beginning of the 21st century. Preference for avoiding common fury in martial arts,the curious and questioner soul of the young generation born in 21st century,sudden development of cyberspace and the Internet,and combination of all these features was the main basis of Tricking’s creation. The main question is: a sport which was created and introduced via cyberspace can how long continue its cyber life? Isn’t now the time for this sport to present itself to the worldwide and real sport life just like any purposeful physical activity? Do not trickers have the right to be introduced to the world under the supervision of Civic Organizations of the Olympic Movement like other competitive sports? How much is Tricking’s contribution to the overall development of the world of sports? How do families trust,communicate,and react with this beautiful,exciting,and sound sport? Which institution in the world can call itself the true caretaker of this sport in the world? For this purpose and to answer the major part of these questions, International Federation of eXtreme Tricking (IFXT) with introducing its brand to all trickers claims that can revolutionize the organization of Tricking in the world in the highest level possible with presenting suitable services to athletes around the world,holding competitive events with highest amount of cash prize to encourage and attract more people,and trying to connect this International Federation to the most valid institutions of the Olympic Movement.

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We are making efforts to make the brand IFXT,the one and only official reference of Tricking around the world,with the motto”Competition without Violence”! Hossein Abedi The president of IFXT